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Welcome to my page on Rocketry. I was introduced to the world of rocketry at the IRW (International Rocketry Week) which is held each August in Largs on the West coast of Scotland. I got dragged along to it by my boyfriend who has been going to the event for at least 5 years and has made a good few rockets of his own.

My first roacket was LBT, named after my first car which was the same colour. This was a scratch built rocket made in true Blue Peter style from bits that were lying around my house. I then didn't make another rocket till just before the 2000 IRW event when I decided I better have a little more to fly this time since I was going to the event for longer. This lead me to build Qoubba and to buy some kits. Kits are easy to put together and quick but I don't get as much fun from following someone elses design, so most of my rockets will be scratch built or modified kits.

Below is information and photos of the rockets I have at present. As and when i get more rockets or data from the rockets I'll post it here for all to see.

My Rockets

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Scary Stripe

Ginguar must Roar




Pink Peril


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Rocketry Links

UK Rocketry Forum - Forum open for anyone interested in Rocketry, the forum has a UK focus but is open to anyone

UKRA - United Kingdom Rocketry Association will keep you up to date with Events coming up in the UK and latest news.

MARS - Middlesex Advanced Rocketry Society is a good place to start to see some pretty impressive rockets.

Rockets & Things is a good site to be able to get some kits and other bits you may need to build a rocket. Rockets and Things also turns up to many UK launches and can do some custom parts, i.e. bulkheads etc.

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