This is a collection of some of my friends. In time I should have lots more here. If your a friend and don't want to end up with whatever piccie I can find of you on here you better mail me a photo quick :)

hatter This is hatter otherwise known as Marcus. He was my bf for 11 years but we are still good friends and it's thanks to him that I have a web site as he lets me keep these pages on his puter.
Rob This is Gribble who is otherwise known as Rob. Rob is one of my very best friends, and has put a web page up, just for me :) Rob stays in Stirling so i don't get to see him that much now.
Mhairi This is Mhairi my other very best friend, She's a doctor and she's yet to put her mind to creating a web page.
bruce This is bruce who is a friend of Marcus and I, Just don't ask about Dragons or he may want to show you his etchings ;).
Marble This is Marble he is a good friend of mine who is REALLY shy, he is also known as Ainsley and is admin on snowplains.

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