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Scary Stripe

Scary stripe was built at the International Rocketry Week in 2001


The body was 29mm phenolic tube.

The nosecome was bought from Pete's rockets and is a wooden nosecone

The fins are made from G10 and are Filleted with carbon epoxy for strength.

The rocket was built so that I had a mid to high powered rocket to replace Qoubba.

Flight History

1. Scary Stripe was first flown at the International Rocketry Week in Scotland in 2001, I cannot remember what engine it went on and it flew well but the nosecone fell off when it landed and fell into some nettles and i thought it was better to leave it there and just buy a new one.

2. The second flight of Scary Stripe was on 7th April 2002 at EARS. It was flown on a G motor and flew well and was recovered after serching a field for a little while.