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KRY-2 is my Level 2 Cert attempt rocket.


The body was 3 inch cardboard tube.

The nosecome was bought from Pete's rockets and is a standard PML kit type plastic nosecone

The fins are made from Tufnell.

The rocket has dual parachute recovery using electronic controlled pyro charges to seperate at the correct time, I will also be using motor ejection as a backup for the drouge chute.

Flight History

1. KRY-2 's first flight was at EARS Launch in Cambridgshire on the 1st July, after shortening the rocket slightly and having my arm twisted over motor choice I finally flew the rocket on a J135 for my first Level 2 attempt. There was absolutly no wind so the rocket flew very straight and to an altitude of 7497ft before coming back down on chute as planned and landed 2 fields away. This means i am now Level 2 Certified.

Have a look at the photos (Photos by Ben Jarvis)

Me posing with KRY-2 - Now no laughing

KRY-2 liftoff

KRY-2 in flight