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Ginguar Must Roar

Ginguar Must Roar was my Level 3 rocket, with 24 days to go before flying to the US I decided to have a go building and flying a L3 rocket


The body is made from 4 inch OD aluminium and 4 inch ID fiberglass. This rocket had a 75mm motor mount deisigned to take a Animal Motor Works M1900 Blue Baboon motor.

The nosecome was the same one as MARS user on Deimos Odyssey and the avionics were mounted in the nosecone.

The fins are made from G11 bonded onto a 9 inch length of the Fiberglass tube which slide over the aluminium motor airframe.

Build photos of this rocket can be found Here and my photos from the event can be found Here.

Flight History

1. Flown to 14,401ft at Blackrock Desert on September 11th 2004, flown on an Animal Motor Works M1900 Blue Baboon motor and the altitude was recorded with 2 RDAS flight computers. Rocket found 2 miles down Range with the aid of a Rocket Hunter tracker.