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Powered by Fairydust

Powered by Fairydust is the rocket I built to take to BALLS 2009 it was built to be launched on research motors. The Rocket colour and name came from a decal I found in Halfords, when I saw the Powered by Fairydust decal I couldn't resist and decided it was time to build a girly rocket.


The body was 38mm glassed phenolic tube, minimum diameter

The nosecome is a standard PML nosecone

The fins are made from G11 fiberglass

Flight History

1. June 2010 - LDRS, Lucerne, California - Rocket flew well and recovered succesfully, I may have jotted the details down of the motor and altitude somewhere but no idea where.

1. Sept 2010 - BALLS 19, Blackrock Nevada - Rocket flew well and recovered succesfully, Got to 6325ft.