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ZingerOne was built to take to LDRS24 which was based in Canada, this was the first LDRS not to be held in the USA. I was lucky enough to get given a demo L2100 Ceseroni motor to fly it on.


The body is made from 4inch glassed phenolic tube, with a 75mm motor mount

The nosecome was bought from Pete's rockets and is a standard PML plastic nosecone with approxamatly 2kg of weight it it due to the fact the motor was a lot heavier than i'd simmed it for.

The fins are made from G11.

Flight History

1. Rocket was flown at LDRS24 in Alberta Canada, the rocket was flown on a Ceseroni L2100 motor to 11,609ft, Unfortunately althought it was set up for dual stage recovery the main deployed at apogee which made for a nice long walk, the rocket was found using a Rocket Hunter Tracker, and the avionics consisted of 2 Compact RDAS'