Week 9 - Questions

These questions should be attempted without the use of reference material or search engines i.e. no cheating and looking up answers. If you do look up an answer because you are curious either leave out the answer or indicate that you did so.

My answer is final in all quizzes, however of you spot a problem in any question please mail me.

  1. Who won the FA Cup in 1970 ?
  2. Castries is the capital of which country?
  3. Which prince's last three middle names are Charles Albert David ?
  4. Who made the music album 'Saint Dominic's Preview'?
  5. Who discovered the properties of penicillin ?
  6. Who were the parents of Elizabeth I ?
  7. Where would you be if you could see a Monument to Capt. Cook & the Whalebone Arch?
  8. What oriental game comprises 144 tiles?
  9. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel prize?
  10. Who links the TV shows Millennium, The X Files & La Femme Nikita ?
  11. In the Bible, who followed King David as King?
  12. Which pudding traditionally goes with roast beef?
  13. In which country would you find Picardy?
  14. Which acid was known as Oil of Vitriol?
  15. Which legendary bird rises from its own ashes?

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