Week 7 - Questions

These questions should be attempted without the use of reference material or search engines i.e. no cheating and looking up answers. If you do look up an answer because you are curious either leave out the answer or indicate that you did so.

My answer is final in all quizzes, however of you spot a problem in any question please mail me.

  1. Martyn Ware and Ian Craig-Marsh formed which 1980's pop group?
  2. For which field of literature are 'Hugo's' awarded?
  3. Which member of the House of Lords has taken the place name/title of Bedwellty ?
  4. Which intellectual giant of the 20th century was apparently the inspiration for the appearance of the Star Wars character Yoda ?
  5. Who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy?
  6. In August 2004 which Edvard Munch iconic painting is stolen from the Munch Museum in Norway.
  7. Who were Athos, Porthos and Aramis?
  8. What instrument is played by the leader of an orchestra?
  9. What can be hunter and half hunter?
  10. What sort of creature is a flying fox?
  11. Which animal is named in one of Shakespeare's play titles?
  12. Which volcano's eruption buried Pompeii?
  13. What is a young kangaroo called?
  14. In whch cotinent is the Cape of Good Hope?
  15. Which tree disease was first discovered in Holland?

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