Week 7 - Answers

Week 7 quiz answers

  1. Martyn Ware and Ian Craig-Marsh formed which 1980's pop group? - Heven 17
  2. For which field of literature are 'Hugo's' awarded? - Sci-Fi
  3. Which member of the House of Lords has taken the place name/title of Bedwellty ?
  4. - Neil Kinnock
  5. Which intellectual giant of the 20th century was apparently the inspiration for the appearance of the Star Wars character Yoda ? - Albert Einstein
  6. Who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy? - Mark Himill
  7. In August 2004 which Edvard Munch iconic painting is stolen from the Munch Museum in Norway. - The Scream
  8. Who were Athos, Porthos and Aramis? - The 3 Musketeers
  9. What instrument is played by the leader of an orchestra? - Violin
  10. What can be hunter and half hunter? - A Pocket watch
  11. What sort of creature is a flying fox? - A Bat
  12. Which animal is named in one of Shakespeare's play titles? - A Shrew
  13. Which volcano's eruption buried Pompeii? - Vesusius
  14. What is a young kangaroo called? - A Joey
  15. In whch cotinent is the Cape of Good Hope? - Africa
  16. Which tree disease was first discovered in Holland? - Dutch Elm Disease

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