Week 6 - Answers

These are the answers to the Week 6 quiz.

  1. Which instrument did David play, according to the bible? - The Harp
  2. Which capital city is heated by volcanic springs? - Reykjavik
  3. Which Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood artist painted "The Light of the World?" - (William) Holman Hunt
  4. Which relatives are "kissin" in the 1964 Elvis song? - Cousins
  5. Who wrote "Gulliver's Travels?" - Jonathon Swift
  6. Which country is ruled by the House of Grimaldi? - Monaco
  7. Of what is hippophobia a fear? - Horses
  8. What type of creature is a Natterjack? - A Toad
  9. Who is the Adams family butler? - Lurch
  10. How many strings has a cello? - 4
  11. What sort of creature is a dingo? - Wild Dog
  12. Which metal is liquid at room temperature? - Mercury
  13. What word describes an animal without a backbone? - Invertebrate
  14. What name is commonly used for a 'plane's autopilot? - George
  15. In which sport would you go to a Basho? - Sumon Wrestling

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