Week 5 - Answers

These are the answers to the Week 5 quiz.

  1. Which imaginary creature came burbling and whiffling through the tulgey wood with eyes of flame, only to meet death in the vicinity of the Tum-Tum tree? - The Jabberwock in Lewis Carroll's Poem
  2. The following lyrics came from which song? "All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see your eyes . " - Toto - Rosanna
  3. Who did the Praetorian Guard look after? - Roman Emperors
  4. What did Klaus Von Klitzing win his nobel prize for in 1985? - Physics for the Discovery of quantized Hall effect
  5. What was President John Kennedy's middle name? - Fitzgerald
  6. What is a female lobster called? - Hen
  7. What sort of creature is a Percheron? - Horse
  8. From which alphabet do the letters zeta and delta come? - Greek
  9. Which country will host the 2006 Football World Cup? - Germany
  10. In which mountain range are Annapurna and K2? - Himalayas
  11. Which TV program had lead character Stringfellow Hawke? - Airwolf
  12. Which planet lies between Jupiter and Uranus? - Saturn
  13. In which city did Ann Frank write her diaries? - Amsterdam
  14. Name the Bascule bridge in London. - Tower Bridge

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