Week 4 - Questions

These questions should be attempted without the use of reference material or search engines i.e. no cheating and looking up answers. If you do look up an answer because you are curious either leave out the answer or indicate that you did so.

My answer is final in all quizzes, however of you spot a problem in any question please mail me.

  1. What is the currency of Ghana?
  2. Who wrote 'Robinson Crusoe'?
  3. What were Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe pioneers of?
  4. Who made the music album 'Dummy'?
  5. Who won England cricket's county championship in 1990 ?
  6. What is Cilla Blacks real name (one born with)?
  7. By what other name is the Abominable Snowman better known ?
  8. How is MDMA more commonly known?
  9. What is the fear of Hell called ?
  10. In chess, what name is given to a draw or tie?
  11. In which city were the 1948 Olympics held?
  12. If a sailor was in "the heads," where would he be?
  13. What type of machine was invented by Isaac Singer?
  14. Where would you find Yogi Bear and Boo Boo?
  15. Entymology is the study of what?

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