Week 3 - Questions

These are the answers to the Week 3 quiz.

  1. What is Eric Clapton's original surname? - Clapp
  2. Who lost 10-0 to France in a qualifier for Euro 96? - Azerbaijan
  3. What does BFI stand for in the entertainment field? - British Film Institute
  4. In which country is Mount Everest? - Nepal or Tibet
  5. What is the difference between libel and slander, and which is which? - Libel is written, slander is spoken
  6. Which is the lowest rank of the British peerage? - Baron
  7. What is 'Buzz' Aldrin's real first name? - Edwin
  8. What do oysters change depending on the temperature of the water? - Their Sex
  9. What is the national flower of Wales? - Daffodil
  10. Who transformed into ace detective Hong Kong Phooey? - Penry the Janitor
  11. Whose album was titled .I.ve Been Expecting You.? - Robbie Williams
  12. Who kissed the girls and made them cry? - Georgy Porgy
  13. What is the state capital of Califoria? - Scaramento
  14. Logo is derived from the Greek word for what? - 'Word'

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