Fast Friday 5 (6) - Questions

These questions should be attempted without the use of reference material or search engines i.e. no cheating and looking up answers. If you do look up an answer because you are curious either leave out the answer or indicate that you did so.

My answer is final in all quizzes, however of you spot a problem in any question please mail me.

  1. What was the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution concerned with?
  2. What was the title of the "Black Eyed Peas" UK No1 single from 2003?
  3. Thanks to it isolated setting, escalating music and chase scenes, which Stanley Kubrick film was in 2004 declared "the perfect scary movie" ?
  4. Which British institution finally bowed to the elements when it revealed plans to go indoors in 2008?
  5. Who was the last king of Egypt?